For once, an excellent idea from HMRC that we’re hoping to see rolled out across the board sooner rather than later. From Spring 2018 Welsh school children will be taught the basics of the UK tax system. The more we teach about tax and money the more promising our economy looks for the future.

Too many entrepreneurs have found out too late that the tax system is somewhat overwhelming. People like us are here to help but we strongly believe that everyone should understand the basics so they can decide for themselves rather than blindly following advice.

Children will be taught about tax in schools in Wales from Spring 2018.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has joined with a university to enable trainee teachers to deliver a programme on the facts of tax to school children.

More than 200 trainee teachers, studying at the University of South Wales (USW), will be trained to teach ‘Junior Tax Facts’ to primary school children in English and Welsh-medium schools. The education programme for young people was developed by HMRC and is available for schools to use, free of charge.

HMRC will deliver the awareness sessions to the trainee teachers based at USW’s Newport Campus, over the next academic year.

‘Junior Tax Facts’ offers an introduction to tax for 8 to 11 year-olds. The programme aims to help young children understand where the money comes from that pays for all the things that are essential to them, their families and communities – like local transport, the police, doctors and their school.

Maureen Pamplin, Head of Sustainability at HMRC, said:

We are excited about this new initiative and keen that it will be replicated in other universities across the country. We worked closely with teachers to develop this material and the University of South Wales is now leading the way in helping teachers to take it into the classroom, so that children understand what tax is, how the money is used and the link with vital public services.

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