Real Estate Accountants

Our real estate tax accountants will help anyone in the housing market get to grips with every intricate tax detail – making it as simple as possible. Whether you are selling a house or managing properties, TaxKings can help with all aspects of real estate tax and bookkeeping, so you never have to guess.

Tax Accountants For Real Estate Sector

If you thought buying or selling a house involved a lot of paperwork, wait until you venture into real estate accountancy. It takes real talent to properly analyse, adapt and improve all the essential tax information someone working in real estate needs to provide, regardless of which side of the market you're in.

Our advisors help real estate agents, property managers, and anyone within the sphere tackle real estate accountancy with ease.

We understand the complexities of real estate accountancy

Getting to know your business and what tax situation you find yourself in, we can provide dedicated services in several areas, including:

– Tax structure
– Cash flow & budgeting
– VAT & associated taxes

– IR35
– Payroll
– Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) compliance

Moving Tax Online

To say the real estate industry is paperwork heavy would be an understatement. Moving tax online, our accountants can take a load off your back to analyse and improve your tax situation.

Unlocking Simple Accounting

Each niche area of real estate requires specific tax rules. You only have to look at ownership structures to see how convoluted it can get. We help keep accounting simple by understanding your business needs and where adjustments in your tax planning will provide results.

Expert Tax Advice

We may not be great at selling houses, but we do know how to ensure HMRC is happy with your records. Our expert tax advice will save you time and resources against some of real estate’s biggest stumbling blocks.

Paying for accountancy within your specialism

TaxKings provides simple accounting and bookkeeping solutions at a fair price. Whether you’re involved in construction, investment, property development or even just a landlord, you are assured of fair pricing based on the services you require.

Dedicated Services for Real Estate Accountancy

Cash Flow Management

Lending can sometimes be a wary area to analyse and improve. We can help you understand cash flow, budgets and whether you would be better off adjusting your current structure.

IR35 Support

Arguably one of the biggest changes in real estate accountancy ever, IR35 is causing so much confusion amongst individuals and companies who don’t know where each other stands. Let our accountants work out how your status from job to job affects tax.

VAT Support

VAT is ever-changing. You only have to look at the difference between residential and commercial VAT rates for landlords. TaxKings can examine your VAT to see if everything is in order or there are ways to save or claim back the VAT you’ve paid.

Real Estate Accountancy Software

Looking after finances when you work in real estate can feel like a juggling act? Never find yourself getting behind on bookkeeping again, with dedicated software from QuickBooks and Dext (formerly ReceiptBank) making real estate accountancy easier.

Our software solutions will save you time and money.

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