Tax Investigations

TaxKings can support you during tax investigations and enquiries so that your attention doesn’t get diverted. Let our team see how we can help when you or your business is affected by a tax enquiry from HMRC.

Accountancy advice for Tax Investigations

It used to be that tax investigations were uncommon. While they aren't immediately something to be concerned about, it is worth noting that HMRC has the right to investigate a company for any reason at all. Knowing this, and having your information laid out clearly, will help avoid any major issues.

TaxKings can help any business which wants to secure itself against such concerns proactively, or those who have been told they are being investigated and need assistance to ensure records are presented as needed.

We know that a tax investigation can leave you feeling worried.

We also know how to map and format your documentation to show everything is in good order.

When we help with tax investigations, we cover areas such as:

– VAT Inspections
– IR35 Investigations

– Standard HMRC Compliance
– HMRC Notices

Making Investigations Clear

HMRC will only ever accept information in a specific format. While it isn’t rocket science, getting everything the way they need it can be incredibly time-consuming. Allow us to help you navigate the road.

Understanding Your Situation

Depending on the type of investigation, there are unassociated levels of severity. We get to know what HMRC wants and lay out how it looks from our point of view. For example, someone getting notice of a Code of Practice 9 would need dedicated help.

Using Our Experience

TaxKings is here to make tax simple. That goes doubly for dealing with investigations. Our team has years of experience helping businesses in Scotland and across the UK with tax investigations.

Dedicated Services for Tax Investigation

“As a new small business the advise and support we have received from TaxKings has been second to none. They have “held our hands” with all our accounting queries, and walked us through all the processes and need to know information. They are always an email or call away, and have kept us right with all our day to day accounting as well as HRMC submissions.”

– Eric Wenzel
Jet Pool Maintenance

VAT investigation


If you don’t already have dedicated bookkeeping in place, you will struggle when HMRC asks for your VAT records. Our accountants assist clients in tidying up VAT records and getting them suitable for HMRC.

PAYE Investigation

PAYE audits are simply checking that your PAYE and National Insurance (NI) deductions are all appropriate. When you’re unsure that NI and PAYE have been handled correctly, we’ll see how we can help.

Corporation Tax Investigation

TaxKings are corporation tax specialists. When this tax area is being looked at, or HMRC are notifying you as such, allow our experts to help you get your tax affairs in order.

Income Tax Investigation

One of the more common compliance checks you’ll see. Whether you’re getting monitored for income tax relating to self-employment, partnerships, investments, or property, you’ll want our advice on scheduling the information HMRC wants access to.

Accountancy Software for Tax Investigation

Getting genuine tax advice from a tried-and-tested online tax firm is one of the best ways to proactively get ahead of a tax investigation. A major part of the process is clearing up your information. We provide software solutions like QuickBooks to make it a manageable and stress-free experience getting all your records in order.

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