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TaxKings is all about helping you understand the role tax plays, be that individually or for your business. As leading digital tax accountants, our users can access and check on their information easier than ever with the TaxKings app.

Information at your fingertips

The TaxKings app is full of useful features to help you stay on top of all things tax. Your information can be sent directly to us, you can check on the latest financial news, and you’ll have direct access to the team.

The app also provides information on key dates, along with calculators and mileage tracking.

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TaxKings dedicated app can be found within the MyAccountants app, which is free to download and use.

*During the signup process you may need to use a password which is simply: TaxKings

An app that provides insight

No more waiting around for calls or emails asking your accountant about a specific matter. Using the TaxKings app, you can view insights on:

– Financial Dates
– Receipt management
– Tax Tables

– Income management
– Finance news

Accessible Anytime

Need to work out VAT quickly? Trying to find a receipt, but you’re not in the office? With the TaxKings app, your finances are on the move with you. The app can even help with mileage tracking for logbooks.

Secure Accounting

As digital tax specialists, your information is stored in the cloud. Not only does this improve accessibility, but it also helps keep your data more secure, especially for any business which has been keeping records on one computer – a big no-no!

Improved Tax Knowledge

Through automation, you’ll be able to pick up on trends and behaviour you’ll have not realised before. Many app users say that frequent use has helped improve their tax knowledge.

Always here to help

“I hired TaxKings to do my Limited company accounts and have found their service to be great value. Also, the advice and solutions they offer is something my previous City Centre accountant never offered. TaxKings have saved me money. I’d very highly recommend them.”

– Scott Kennedy

Benefits of using the TaxKings App

Receipt Management

As a TaxKings app user, you’ll be given premium access to software like QuickBooks, Dext (formerly ReceiptBank), and Accountancy Manager. There’s also a dedicated Receipt Manager in-app. Just snap a pic, update info, and you’re good to go.

Quicker Calculation

We have every tax calculator imaginable in the app, so you don’t have to play guessing games over what you need to pay or are owed. For example, you can make sure payslips are correct, whether or not VAT has been paid on amounts entered, what increased profits you can expect, and so much more.

This is also broken down by region to help users in England & Scotland.

Access to Training

Get information on the different training we provide (e.g. creating invoices & bills) and how you could be using the likes of QuickBooks and Dext optimally.

Our app is part of our accountancy software range

TaxKings has software solutions for everyone. Our clients also have the advantage of using Dext (formerly ReceiptBank), Kashflow and QuickBooks – all of which are included in client packages.

These software solutions are making it easier than ever to collate information, track invoices, keep on top of VAT, and so much more.

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