Small Business Accountants

TaxKings specialises in small business accountancy for limited companies and start-ups. We provide digital-first accountancy services, lifting the burden many small businesses have dealing with bookkeeping, accounting, taxes etc. With access to premier software like QuickBooks, your business can proactively take charge of finances.

Tax Accountants For Small Business

Based in Scotland but with a global reach, our focus is always on helping small businesses have a grounded approach to tax advice on a digital platform. We support small businesses & start-ups across the UK, as well as UK-based companies as far afield as Australia.

With some of our employees having run their own small businesses or companies, we’ve been there, done that, and know how to help small businesses with specific accountancy issues.


Small business start-up accountants need to be ever present and assistive to the fast-changing environment that start-ups have. Our team can ensure that any start-up is on solid footing from day one with dedicated accountancy services.


Limited companies

With a digital-first approach, TaxKings helps limited companies with taxes, ensures HMRC compliance, and helps with those issues only limited companies will ever encounter.

Limited Companies

We specialise in a wide range of tax accountancy services for small businesses

Understanding what services are key for your business and how we can handle small business tax issues positively will help pull focus together.

That’s why we cover areas such as:



Tax Credits & Estimates



Bookkeeping & Payroll

Statutory Accounts

Management Accounts

Cloud Based Accountancy

No longer will the closest accountant be the only one you can get advice from.

As QuickBooks Platinum Partners, our accounting systems are cloud-based. We are able to work remotely, handling client consultations via video call & screen sharing.

Keeping Tax Simple

A big stumbling block for many small businesses is due to tax feeling “unknown”.

We keep tax simple for you from the get-go, with advisors who understand your needs and help ensure tax never gets complicated.

Consistent Tax Advice

Through automation and regular updates, we will help with bookkeeping, accountancy errors & tax estimates to make sure you never have any nasty surprises.

Our expert advice will help discover how your business should be handling tax.

Pricing made easy

“As a new small business the advice and support we have received from TaxKings has been second to none. They have “held our hands” with all our accounting queries, and walked us through all the processes and need to know information. They are always an email or call away, and have kept us right with all our day to day accounting as well as HRMC submissions.”

–  Eric Wenzel
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Dedicated Services for Small Businesses


Every company does bookkeeping differently, and it can often result in bottlenecks. Make sure yours is easy to control with dedicated packages in please.


Whether stumbling with VAT or having problems with smooth payroll rollouts, we ensure small businesses are compliant at all levels.

Small Business Taxes

As your business changes, your tax needs & requirements will as well. With our digital first approach, we are reactive to helping you see where efficiencies lie.

Small Business VAT

We’ll prepare and file your VAT returns with minimum fuss and ensure you’re on the right VAT scheme for your business.


You should be able to handle accountancy with one click of a button. TaxKings makes this possible with limited company packages including a subscription to Quickbooks and ReceiptBank.

Small Business Accountancy Software

Flexibility is key for any small business getting to grips with accountancy. TaxKings enables flexibility through a digital-first approach, where you can use software like QuickBooks, Dext & the TaxKings App to make accountancy work for you, whenever you need it.

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