Furnished Holiday Let (Air BnB) Accountants

TaxKings can help anyone with Furnished Holiday Lets (FHLs) such as AirBnBs figure out how tax should work. Talk to our Furnished Holiday Let accountants and find out how you should be accounting for your FHL.

Simplifying the Accounting Processes

Having a FHL or running an AirBnB can provide great tax benefits and savings for years to come, but only if done correctly. You don't want to trip up and make simple mistakes that prevent a property you intended to use as an FHL not be seen as one by HMRC.

TaxKings has the experience of helping clients get their properties in a suitable arrangement, especially if you plan on having multiple properties used as FHLs and AirBnBs. Talk with our advisors who specialise in handling Furnished Holiday Lets to see how they can help.

We know how confusing the laws around Furnished Holiday Lets and AirBnBs can be.

When you talk with the accountancy experts here at TaxKings, our team will help you understand how to handle key areas such as:

– Income Tax
– Capital Gains Tax Relief
– Council Tax

Improving Tax Control

When you are not around your FHLs all the time, how can you keep tax information in check? TaxKings uses an online approach to provide digital tax management services. This allows you to send information online so we can advise in real-time.

Demystifying Contributions

When your FHL or AirBnB is seen as business property, what will that do to your tax contributions? We will help keep tax simple and show you how to optimise, treat and pay tax on the property.

Employing Sound Advice

When refurbishing a property or adding a new FHL or AirBnB to your portfolio, you will need advice on handling accounts. We will not only handle admin work but also provide advice on where to save.

Clear pricing when managing your accounts

TaxKings always provides clear pricing for customers, especially for those who operate a FHL or an AirBnB. Get in touch, and we’ll let you know exactly how much you will expect to pay.

Dedicated Tax Services for Furnished Holiday Lets and AirBnBs


Keeping all information secure in the cloud, our accountants can record essential information and help provide support if you’re looking to venture into new investment areas.

Offset & Relief

How a Furnished Holiday Let or an AirBnB is run may result in offset losses and tax relief. We’ll help uncover those savings based on your conditions. For example, mortgage relief is very common.

Tax Returns

Provide all relevant information for a Furnished Holiday Let (AirBnB), and we’ll get to work on your tax returns, so they’re perfect for submission.

Limited Company Assistance

If your FHL or an AirBnB is run through a company rather than as a sole trader, let us figure out what the best approach for tax planning looks like.

Furnished Holiday Let (AirBnB) Accountancy Software

Managing any income stream is not easy. So how can you simplify your processes to free up your valuable time?

With access to software like Dext & QuickBooks, Tax Kings’ advisors can take your information and help make sure taxes are paid exactly as they should be.

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