Individual Accountancy Services

TaxKings works as tax accountants for individuals, helping you uncover areas that will help with tax planning and self-assessment, whether you’re self-employed, a sole trader or working as a contractor, so you know your taxes and accounts are in order.

Dedicated Tax Services for Individuals

Being able to work as an individual is one of life's great joys.

The TaxKings team works with many individuals, be they self-employed, sole traders or contractors. Your designation as an individual will affect your taxes and how you can handle accounts. Don't let it become a dark cloud over your workload. Talk to us, and we can get you in a strong financial position.

We specialise in a wide range of tax accountancy services for small businesses

When you’re going it alone, it helps to have the right support from TaxKings to handle everything taxes will throw at you. That’s why we help individuals with important tax areas, including:

– Self-Assessment
– VAT + Taxes
– Bookkeeping

– Incorporation
– Asset control

Handling Tax Better

You never want to feel overwhelmed with tax and bookkeeping. TaxKings get clients using software that expedites all essential tax information, making it easier for our team to handle your information.

Avoiding Confusion

You’re an individual, and you pay tax. It should be that simple. So why is it that tax gets confusing so easily? When you talk with our accountants, they help declutter all the confusion and help you understand how tax works for and can benefit you.

Helping Individuals Understand Tax

We’ll be the first to admit that tax can be confusing. You don’t want to go it alone and make mistakes. Our advisors can help individuals get to grips with tax and accountancy to make it easier to understand.

Competitive pricing for individual tax services

A big concern for individuals is that paying for accountants may cost too much. By using a service like TaxKings, not only will you see time saved, but our costs are much better (and fairer) than competitors.

Dedicated Services for Individuals


The biggest mountain for individuals when looking at tax. Our accountants can take your information and get everything sorted for you.

Tax Planning

The rules for tax change all the time. No one is expected to keep on top of what’s new when working for themselves, so let us do it for you. We can help you figure out what the future holds when examining your accounts.


You’re already working a lot, so why should you be expected to do the books as well? We can keep a record of the information you provide.

Individual Tax Accountancy Software

You never need to go it alone when figuring out tax. TaxKings helps individuals take care of their accounting through the use of pioneering software like QuickBooks, Dext (formerly ReceiptBank) & Xero.

It gives you a direct line to help us analyse your accounts and provide recommendations on optimising your tax profile.

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TaxKings works with individuals who want to understand and improve how their accountancy is handled. For advice and support, talk to our team of advisors and accountants right now.

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