Fee Protection Insurance

When it comes to accountancy and any surprises along the way, anyone who wants a solid base and peace of mind will want to ensure they have fee protection insurance in place. TaxKings assists in obtaining fee protection insurance for individuals and businesses looking to establish a sound tax base.

Accountancy advice with Fee Protection Insurance

The idea of something like fee protection insurance may seem inherently odd; after all, what surprises could there be when you’ve been keeping your accounts in order? The reality is that tax investigations are a costly experience which puts a significant drain on resources.

TaxKings can help get in front of everything by helping you obtain tax investigation protection. If you feel you need fee protection insurance, get in touch right now.

We help your business handle tax investigations through free protection that doesn’t distract

You need to get on running your business. Through proper investigative services, our team can help you defend yourself properly.

Our fee protection insurance will help against:

– Unwanted fees
– Compliance issues
– HMRC pursuing assets
– Random investigations

Handling Responsibilities

You don’t have to worry about being front and centre through an investigation. Your protection means we can handle meetings and any correspondence

Working Things Out

Allow our specialists to negotiate for you. Our knowledge gives us a clearer idea of how much tax should be paid

Peace of Mind

Tax investigations aren’t supposed to be confusing or stressful, and they won’t be with us here to help. With costs covered, you have peace of mind from day one

Dedicated services with Fee Protection Insurance

Covering all types of taxes

An investigation can cover one or several different areas, from IR35 & VAT compliance to Corporation Tax & NIC compliance. 

Getting to £0

Suppose your tax bill is seen fit after investigation, and you don’t have to pay anything. In that case, the cost of protection fee insurance will look negligible compared to what you would’ve paid. We aim to get that figure as low as possible.

No Time Lost

HMRC investigations/enquiries are slow processes. It is a case of months (not weeks) to get things moving. With an average investigation length sitting around 14-16 months, you want some protection to avoid losing time.

The random nature of investigations

Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for a business being investigated. HMRC is likely to pick a business at random or if they fall within a sector known for tax problems. Understanding why you’ve been chosen, and having us there, will only help.

Accountancy Software as part of Fee Protection

With information so essential to investigations, it helps to have everything we can as the situation develops. The use of dedicated software lets you access and provide information when convenient.

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