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Sole traders often have unique responsibilities when looking after tax and accountancy. TaxKings provides accountancy services for sole traders who are looking to ensure their self-employed status is reflected in their taxes and bookkeeping. Using premium accountancy software, including QuickBooks, sole traders can stay on top of essential finances for self-employed status.

Tax Accountants for Sole Traders

When you're a sole trader, you're in complete control of your business. While this provides an abundance of benefits and more freedom than you'll get elsewhere, you need to be aware of how you handle and understand taxes and accounting.

TaxKings works with many sole traders across the UK who are looking to get taxes under control. It can be a simple case of ensuring all your information is compliant with what HMRC needs or ensuring that you're paying the exact amount of tax (and not a penny more!).

We help sole traders understand how tax can work to their benefit.

Getting to know which accountancy services suit your situation is critical when working as a sole trader. That’s why we provide dedicated tax services such as:

-24/7 Bookkeeping
-Account planning
-VAT returns
-Self-assessment preparation

-One-on-one video sessions
-Dedicated accountant
-Cash flow monitoring


Cloud Accounting Benefits

TaxKings help sole traders become flexible by enabling accountancy through the cloud. You can get in touch at any time to leave information, and we’ll be right there to pick up on it.

Making Tax Easier

It is surprising how complicated tax and bookkeeping can be for sole traders, so why not make it easy from day one?

TaxKings will always ensure you know exactly what’s going on and how complicated tax issues affect you on a basic level.

Advice & Understanding

You should never have to go it alone as a sole trader dealing with accountancy. We are always here to provide advice, answer questions, and showcase better ways of handling tax.

Paying the Right Price for Tax Help

Accountancy can often feel inaccessible due to high prices. This is something we hate seeing other companies do. When you join TaxKings, we set fair prices which offer you what you need without breaking the bank.

Dedicated Services for Sole Traders


Often the one thing that snowballs to cause problems for sole traders. Our packages help clients handle bookkeeping with ease.

Time-saving applications

Accounting shouldn’t take you hours. It should take seconds. We provide services that make accounting almost instantaneous on your end.

Health Checks

We keep an eye on your financial health. It allows for clearer accounting and to help highlight where you may have issues.

Reminders & Preparation

Need quarterly VAT returns? We can do that. Need records checked? We can do that too! TaxKings will prepare you for any and all tax targets throughout the year.

Tax Efficiency

Your status as a sole trader may change. That means your tax status needs optimising. Let us know, and we’ll see what efficiencies can be implemented.

HMRC Assistance

Sometimes a letter from HMRC on what they need can cause confusion. It shouldn’t. Let us know, and we will help with HMRC record checks and associated requests.

Sole Trader Accountancy Software

TaxKings urges users to utilise accountancy software which makes handling any cash information as easy as possible. Using the likes of QuickBooks and Dext, sole traders no longer have to worry about keeping receipts or chasing invoices.

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