Dext (formerly ReceiptBank)

TaxKings users are utilising Dext to make accounting easier, especially when working on the move. Learn more about how Dext (formerly ReceiptBank) can help you keep on top of receipts and invoices.

Using Dext for better accountancy

Gone are the days where you rifle through pockets and drawers to find receipts. And you'll never need to panic when your accountants say they need essential information on expenses.

Dext is one of the most convenient ways to process information for accountants. Here at TaxKings, we use Dext to help you reduce the time spent on the kind of admin work most people will hold off on for as long as possible. To get started with improved accountancy, and ensure your business can better claim expenses, talk to our advisors today.

We pursue the means to let you control finances freely.

Using Dext, TaxKings’ users can expect to find it easier to keep on top of:

– Invoicing

– Bookkeeping
– Assessments

Instant Records

Dext allows you to connect your bank, take photos of your receipts and get on with what you do best – running your business.

Better VAT Advice

With Dext, our clients need only to take a picture of their receipt for the software to read and process VAT information. This ensures clients don’t miss reclaimable VAT while significantly reducing time spent on data entry.

Staying Ahead of Competitors

Clients at TaxKings are fully MTD compliant. With Dext, we are always pre-empting the next steps to ensure our clients can switch without friction when the time comes.

Looking after the pennies

Depending on your business activities, accounting can be straightforward, or it can be a minefield. We understand that not everyone has the time to learn about VAT in-depth or sit and examine all their receipts in detail. Dext effortlessly lets you snap a pic and move on, so our team can get on with the accounting for you.

Improved accountancy for small businesses


Housing paperwork in one central hub, you can access and pass on information easily.


Dext will allow you to connect your account with several services to pull invoice data through. It can even run so that our team can analyse and advise.


By connecting your bank accounts, you can match transactions with spending to give a clearer understanding of finances.

Splitting Tax

One of the unique features in Dext, which many people don’t make use of, is the ability to split tax and expenses from your receipts. It can be done with a click.


Make it easier to pay on time through Dext, and keep tabs on payments, so you don’t fall behind.

Dext is part of our accountancy software range.

TaxKings provides a range of adaptable software solutions for clients, including Xero, QuickBooks & the TaxKings app.

When we get to know more about your business, we can advise on the ideal software to suit your needs.

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