Limited Company Accountants

Limited companies need a handle on taxes and accounts. TaxKings works with limited companies who are looking to proactively ensure that they are paying taxes like VAT correctly, while checking that their business is situated appropriately for taxes based on size. If you have a new company or feel you may be paying too much on taxes or accountancy services, it’s time to talk to TaxKings.

Tax Accountants for Limited Companies

Looking after your limited company can take up all your resources at the best of time. If accountancy and tax management are new to you, it could become a time-intensive task that you have a negative view of. TaxKings help limited companies understand their finances through a digital-first approach that lets you get on with looking after your business.

We have dedicated accountants for limited companies who will keep an eye on how your business is doing while assisting you in using premier software like QuickBooks and Dext (formerly ReceiptBank). Our team aims to make it so effortless that you no longer have to view accountancy as extra work. You may even end up enjoying it as much as we do!

Providing services that simplify common tax problems

Tax and accountancy don’t have to be confusing or time-consuming. TaxKings gets to know your company and cater to your needs. That’s why we provide services covering:


– Self-assessment
– HMRC Checks
– Claiming Expenses


– Bookkeeping
– Payroll
– IR35 Support

Digital Accountancy

Limited companies often don’t have the time to pour through all their accountancy information. However, they often need information at the drop of a hat.

TaxKings uses leading customer-facing accountancy software to help you easily control finances and save you hours of manual data entry.

Beneficial Company Status

Those who go at it alone and act as a limited company while working solo often have the hardest time navigating tax.

Our limited company accountants will help you figure out the best way to set your company up (be that as an LTD or PLC) and show how making key changes can improve tax efficiency.

Always Online

We have worked with enough smaller and one-person companies to know that everyone has their own schedule. You don’t want anyone getting in the way of doing your books.

That’s why our clients have access to QuickBooks and Dext (formerly ReceiptBank) to automate and update when needed.

Flexible Pricing for Limited Companies

Your company may be working within a tight budget where you need to know every penny spent on accountancy services helps. TaxKings use payment options ideally suited for companies of all sizes, scaling up with businesses as they make strides.

Our Specialist Services for Limited Companies

Dedicated Accountants

Every business needs its own accountant. When you join TaxKings, you’ll get to know some of the best and friendliest tax experts in the country.

VAT advice

No risk of running late or being met with a fine. We will keep you updated, so VAT submissions to HMRC are as easy as possible, especially if you think you’re nearing the VAT registration threshold.

Tax Returns

Limited companies may not have the time to prepare annual accounts, but TaxKings does. Our accountants get those all-important documents ready, especially if you need to carry out a self-assessment.


No need to run the numbers when we can help. We’ll make sure bookkeeping is easier than ever and doesn’t slow you down at all.

Managing Capital

Limited companies with capital in the wrong places can lead to a lot of money being susceptible to taxation. We make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Accountancy Software for Limited Companies

TaxKings uses software to help limited companies improve accountancy efficiency over time, giving you access to software such as QuickBooks, Dext (formerly ReceiptBank) and the TaxKings App. You’ll be able to keep on top of accounts like never before.

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