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TaxKings can provide capital gains tax (CGT) solutions for your business so that you can make the most of tax reliefs and liabilities. Let our team simplify capital gains tax for you.

Accountants Specialising in Capital Gains Tax

When independent businesses or individuals sell assets for profit, they often underplay what impacts capital gains tax may have. There are so many factors at play when you sell assets. CGT should be examined properly by an accountant to ensure that you don't pay a penny more than you should when you have to pay tax.

TaxKings can help you understand this and showcase where liabilities may be minimised in regards to CGT. If you're preparing to sell assets, please let us know so we can advise you on what steps to take.

We help businesses handle capital gains tax better, especially when it involves both short & long-term capital gains tax.

Whether it is adjusting how your business handles tax after you sell investments or you’re dealing with a capital loss, TaxKings can show you how to handle tax levied on your profits.

We can help with:

– CGT planning
– Your options
– Showing what you’re entitled to

Enhanced CGT Analysis

You might not have to pay as much as you think when selling assets. Through detailed analysis, our team can look at the possible deductions and reliefs you may be entitled to when selling assets.

Keeping CGT Simple

You may hear some say that GFT is a voluntary tax. This is due to you gaining something from a sale, which isn’t necessarily a “voluntary” arrangement. Don’t get caught out or confused with CGT. Our team helps you understand how to keep CGT simple.

Helping You Everyday

Not only do we help with CGT, but we provide tax assistance at all levels. Whether you’re an individual looking for tax advice or assets are tied up with your business, TaxKings can utilise tax optimisation to help you navigate the tax world with ease.

Long-term help with tax issues

“I have used Iain and his team for nearly ten years, and the level of support and advice only gets better each year. I would strongly recommend them particularly for any new business owners as they always find the time to talk through and explain issues that can seem complex.”

– John Scullion
JGS Plumbing

Dedicated Services for Capital Gains Tax

CGT Advice

Everyone can give you advice on handling Capital Gains Tax. Only TaxKings can provide expert advice on offsetting or calculating tax reliefs in line with your situation.

CGT Consultation

Whether you’ve already been weighing your options or want fresh eyes on your situation, we can have a consultation regarding CGT to see if any changes are advisable.

CGT Optimisation

It is common for assets to also lead you towards assistance in other tax areas, e.g. inheritance tax/ stamp duty. If you know you’re looking at these areas too, our advisors may be able to optimise your deductions and payments.

Not paying CGT

You may not know you’re in a position where you don’t need to pay CGT. It could be you’re selling your main residential property or giving an asset to charity. Let us help you figure out what designation/status your assets lie within.

Advice on property tax

Many people looking at capital gains for the first time will be doing so when it involves property. If you have acquired a new property you wish to sell as an asset or have inherited property, you will want advice on handling a sale and mitigating tax.

We work with individuals, especially those acting as landlords after acquiring property, with dedicated property tax advice.

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