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TaxKings’ personal tax services will help you avoid getting taxed too much or leaving money on the table. Our personal tax accountants help with key areas, including self-assessment, income tax and dealing with HMRC.

A dedicated team specialising in personal tax

TaxKings' advisors and accountants work with a lot of individuals who need help with personal tax. It isn't just a case of hoping you have your self-assessment in order. You need to look at capital gains tax, inheritance tax, trusts, pensions, and so much more.

With a digital-first approach to accounting, and our team helping to get tax returns and anything else you need in order, we can take over the workload that comes with personal tax so you can get on with working as normal.

We utilise a wide variety of personal tax accountancy services for clients.

When dealing with personal tax issues, it helps to know that your taxes and accounts are in great condition.

That is why we help improve personal tax areas such as:

– Planning
– Capital Gains
– Self-assessment

– Inheritance Tax
– Bookkeeping

A Faster Online Approach

You’re not expected to be a tax expert. Still, HMRC will expect that all information submitted falls in line with their strict guidelines. With us you don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Using online tools and software, TaxKings can save you time and resources by taking bookkeeping online.

Making Tax Visible

Not only will TaxKings show you how to use software that enables progress, but we’ll also highlight opportunities to improve your tax contributions. By making tax visible, you can see where unnecessary payments have been falling through the cracks.

Providing Personal Advice

Are you working as a sole trader, or are you the director of a company? Your status will have a big impact on the tax you need to pay personally. Our advisors and accountants will provide personal advice unique to your situation. We have years of experience helping people throughout the UK deal with personal tax.

Personal tax advice at a fair price

Everyone has a unique tax situation, yet many accountancy firms will charge customers looking at personal tax rates similar to what some businesses pay. We price consistently and help you understand how costs for your personal case are calculated. To find out more about getting a better deal on tax advice, give us a quick call to get started.

Dedicated Services for Personal Tax

Tax Planning

The biggest obstacle individuals face when looking at personal tax. If you don’t already, you really should talk with an accountant about the role tax planning can play. We commonly help with the likes of inheritance tax, income tax & capital gains tax.


You might not know the ins & outs of finding the areas where deductions and allowances exist, but we do. Self-assessments are often the one area individuals will spend a lot of time trying to get right, only to make mistakes. Don’t let it happen to you. Please talk with us.

Property Tax Advice

We work with many individuals who are letting properties as a source of income, many of whom make simple mistakes that don’t result in tax savings. Allow us to help figure out the role personal tax plays when you are an individual landlord or acting as a company with one property or more.

Personal Tax Accountancy Software

Accounting for personal tax can be time-consuming and confusing. TaxKings puts a stop to this with software solutions that save time and money.

Get to know how our users are optimising their bookkeeping with tools like Dext (formerly ReceiptBank) and QuickBooks.

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