Accountants for Self-Employed

By using leading accountancy software and having TaxKings’ accountants for self-employed individuals at your service, looking after taxes couldn’t be easier. We empower self-employed individuals to achieve their business goals as our ethos is to add value to businesses and enable growth.

Tax Accountant for Self-Employed Individuals

The freedom self-employment offers can get overshadowed by your responsibilities to cover your tax and bookkeeping accordingly. Not everyone is a tax expert, but we are!

We have a great team of tax experts who are helping self-employed individuals across the UK get to know how to handle taxes, what the taxman wants to see in your forms, and whether you are being taxed too much without knowing about it.

We help self-employed individuals finally get a grasp on tax and accounting

When you’re self-employed, it helps to be shown what accurate accountancy and bookkeeping will do, whether you’re a photographer or personal trainer.

We enable this by providing key services such as:


– Tax returns
– Self-assessment
– VAT status
– Expenses


– Cash Flow
– Compliance
– Business consultation

Self-Sufficient Accountancy

When you’re self-employed and thinking about using an accountant, the last thing you want is time wasted. Our self-employed clients are shown how to use software which limits time wasted on manual data input. This lets us get to work and lets you get on with your responsibilities.

Clearer Accountancy

Anyone self-employed isn’t expected to be a tax guru. That’s why TaxKings helps make accountancy clearer to understand. Our motto is “tax made simple”. You’ll never feel confused or overwhelmed with accountancy. 

Help When Needed

Whether you’ve struggled with self-assessments or have no clue what HMRC wants when asking for specifics, we can sort it for you. We provide tax help whenever you need it, with no question too stupid to ask.

A fairer price for accounting

No two self-employed individuals will be taxed in the same way, yet many accountancy firms will charge a flat fee. Don’t get caught out or overcharged. Here at TaxKings, we get to know your status and what industry you operate in to give you a clear idea of what we charge and why. 

Dedicated Services for Self-Employed Individuals

Tax Returns

Often the most time consuming activity for self-employed individuals. When you’re with us and provide information as needed, we can take care of your returns


So many self-employed individuals don’t know what expenses and deductions they can make. Our advisors can highlight these and help you reduce your taxes.

VAT Registration

What’s the magic number on turnover for having to register? How would you know if you need to register? Remove any sense of mystery with our help.

Rate Establishment

Often an area self-employed individuals make mistakes with. We help you get the establishment of rates and fees set out clearly from day one.

Self Employed Accountancy Software

Anyone who is self-employed needs to stay on top of accounting without it turning into a nuisance. TaxKings can show you why using accountancy software like QuickBooks will put an end to bookkeeping headaches and problems you may have had for years.

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