Property Company Accountants

Whether you run a real estate agency or are a property management company, our specialist property company accountants are here to meet all of your tax and compliance needs, as well as offer tailored advice on any financial issues that may arise. 

Tax Accountancy Services for Property Companies

When you invest in property, you may encounter unique situations where you are not sure which tax rules apply, like short and long-term tenancies. Talk to TaxKings to get timely advice and support to ensure you are never paying too much tax.

We are here to help all property management companies that seek quality advice, be that from the planning stage (architects & engineers), building, purchasing or maintenance. Get to know more about property accountancy by getting in touch today.

We provide a comprehensive range of property accountancy services specific to property companies.

Regardless of how you approach property management or real estate sales, you need to have services that match your needs and work to eliminate common tax problems.

For our clients working in property, we help with:

-Income disclosure
-Annual reports
-Accountancy across multiple projects

– Property Tax advice
– Ownership structuring and tax
– Stamp Duty, VAT, Corporation Tax etc.

Online Tax Control

Given the complex nature of property company accounting, this isn’t something that can be managed using a spreadsheet. This is why we use an online approach to property company accountancy which offers you flexibility and the freedom to analyse tax information at your request.

Decluttering Tax Issues

You might be wondering what problems could arise if you plan on buying more properties. You could be questioning the tax deductions from maintaining a property. Allow us to work it out, by decluttering tax confusion, and letting you get on with managing your business.

Accountants At Hand

We use automation to bridge the gap between you and your tax needs. We also keep an eye on accounts to help avoid surprises. You can always prevent tax mysteries with our advisors here to answer questions and look into potential issues.

Clear pricing from day one

TaxKings always price their services based on our clients’ tax needs specifics; not on what kind of business is being run. We know that the property industry has thousands of business types, and we price fairly based on your needs.

Dedicated Services for Property Companies


Property companies have a meandering way of letting tax slip through the cracks. We help ensure all transactions are accounted for and that accounts are in-line with your niche.


Many property businesses often pay too much on tax and don’t even realise it. Allow us to ensure areas like Stamp Duty, Corporation Tax, and simple VAT matters are looked at. In an industry where payments are high in value, you really do need fresh eyes on tax evaluation.

Construction finance

Construction is a whole world by itself. Making sure the likes of Construction Industry Schemes (CIS) are handled correctly matters.

HMRC Assistance

The building site may get away with being a little behind, but HMRC won’t. We make sure property companies don’t miss deadlines and have information in a format that is HMRC compliant.

Accountancy Software for Property Companies

How can you make sure you will get on daily operations without bookkeeping interfering? By using property accountancy software which is intuitive and easy to use.

TaxKings helps users take a digital-first approach using helpful software from Dext, QuickBooks, and other providers; all housed within your account package. Our advisors can talk you through how everything works, so it is easy to capture and record important financial data.

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