Business Tax

TaxKings can handle your business tax and help you find solutions that minimise contributions, so you don’t have to guess what you need to be compliant with HMRC. Save time and let us make business tax easy for you.

Accountants Specialising in Business Tax

As business tax accountants, TaxKings helps clients get a clear understanding of the most important payments your business needs to make. We can show you where you're underpaying capital gains tax or corporation tax. We also help businesses that may have been told they need to prepare for a tax investigation.

Regardless of what area of business tax you are struggling with, talk to TaxKings today. We'll work with you to ensure your business is tax efficient and operating diligently.

We provide supportive services for anyone trying to understand business taxes.

We know that if you’re not familiar with business taxes, it can be more than confusing. Working with TaxKings, you can get to grips with important aspects of tax management, such as:

– Capital Gains Tax
– Corporation Tax
– Tax Investigation

An Online Approach

TaxKings helps you better understand your tax by taking tax online. We show our clients how to use leading accountancy software to input essential data; data which our advisors can then analyse much faster than the old-school methods some other accountancy firms use.

Providing Direction

Through online consultations, faster response times, and real-time data, we can better understand how your business should handle tax. We have helped clients throughout the UK steer their taxes in the right direction by getting to know the role tax should play in their business.

Expertise Where It Matters

The TaxKings team of advisors and accountants have years of experience working with individuals and small businesses to provide supportive tax services. Every client has a unique set of circumstances, and we know there’s no “one size fits all” approach to tax. That’s why we provide our expertise in the areas we think will matter most for you.

Dedicated Services for Business Tax


We can handle all payroll requirements, especially if you deal with PAYE and CIS.


Every business has unique VAT needs. We can file your VAT returns with minimum fuss, all while making sure your business is always in the correct VAT scheme.


Often something that takes up more time than you envisioned. Lighten the load by letting us take care of bookkeeping for your business.

Year-end Statutory Accounts

Let’s get all your information in order and presented just how HMRC like it. While we’re at it, our analysis for statutory accounts can also help map out ways to improve tax efficiency in the future.

Reduced paperwork

Remember, TaxKings places all your tax information securely in the cloud. With the ability to send information like receipts and invoices directly to us, the time spent on paperwork will be lower than ever.

Business Tax Accountancy Software

Not sure how to compile information to pay business tax? Use our software solutions.

TaxKings’ users make the most of software like QuickBooks and Dext (formerly ReceiptBank) to provide critical tax information. Our accountants can use it to work out what your contributions and deductions will look like.

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