Meet The Team

At TaxKings, we have one simple motto: tax made simple.
How do we make it simple? Well, we have a team of tax experts who love working with businesses and individuals looking to make positive improvements handling tax.

Our team comprises digital tax geniuses who will help you understand tax like never before.



I believe that you should pay the correct amount of tax i.e. not a penny more than the legal minimum. Tax law is becoming increasingly complicated and time consuming with ever increasing reporting requirements, harsher penalties and a strict investigation regime. I guarantee that I will always review your affairs to ensure that you and your business have the least exposure to tax. After all, tax is a cost of doing business, I want you to invest your profit and grow.


Whether you work under CIS, you’re a landlord or sole trader, letting me handle your self assessment allows you to sleep easy knowing that your tax affairs are compliant and you’re not paying a penny more than you need to. I’ll manage the entire process for you from getting you registered with HMRC to becoming your authorised agent to filing your return and telling you when and what to pay or how much to expect back. If you have received fines from HMRC I’ll appeal these too.



Every growing business needs the right people and those people are going to want paid. I’m here to ensure that’s done properly and with the minimum amount of stress to you.
I’ll tell you what, when and how to pay as well as talking you through the process of how to handle new and existing employees in compliance with current legislation.
I also manage personal tax for company directors and high earning employees.


I appreciate that you don’t love accounts – and the process of creating accounts - quite as much as I do so my job is to make reporting simple, straightforward and easy to understand.
After assessing your needs, I enable you to manage your day to day business finances by providing you with market leading and easy to use tools which require no more than an internet connection to let you get on with the important task of running your business.



VAT returns are a necessary evil of running a successful business. My job is to make the entire process as pain free as possible for you, the business owner.
I’ll take care of everything from the initial registration and becoming your agent to sending you a reminder, reviewing and then submitting your quarterly or annual returns as well as ensuring that you’re on the most beneficial scheme for your business so you don't pay any more than you have to.

Borks & Woofs

About Our Team

TaxKings is a small team of friendly tax experts on a mission to help you handle tax better.

Whether your business is located near our offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh, or you’re based pretty much anywhere else in the UK, our team can take care of all of your bookkeeping, accountancy & tax needs.

As our head honcho Iain likes to say, “tax is a cost of doing business”, so why shouldn’t your business be in a position where it can handle tax efficiently and know that it is doing everything it can to pay the exact amount of tax needed?

When you use TaxKings, you know that you can leave your tax affairs in safe hands. We get to know your needs and provide accounting and tax solutions that are attuned to your business. Whether it is needing help dealing with an ever-growing payroll (you’ll want to talk with the brilliant Sharon about that), or you don’t know where to begin with self-assessment (John is the one to chat with), our team will guide you through the world of business accountancy with ease.

Talk to TaxKings today, and let’s see how the team can get your tax where it needs to be.