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TaxKings strives to make tax and accountancy digital for all clients. Get to know why cloud accountancy matters and how your business can benefit from a modern tax approach.

Leading Cloud Accountants

TaxKings are leading cloud accountants. We can't recommend moving your bookkeeping online enough. The “cloud” provides flexibility, clarity and our expert advisors the chance to monitor your records better. Moving to the cloud helps clients save money as it provides a clear view of how businesses are handling tax and cash flow.
If you're interested in learning more about cloud accountancy, we're more than happy to talk about it. Get in touch and see how TaxKings can put your company in the cloud.

We specialise in letting you have greater freedom with tax accountancy services.

Cloud accounting is the next essential step for today’s businesses. The world moves ever closer to constant connectivity and uses the internet to its advantage in business.

That’s why we are a cloud-based firm using the latest accountancy technology to help you with:

– Tax

– Assessment
– Bookkeeping

Instant Access

Imagine you, your team, and your accountant having instant access to update your financial records at any time, in almost any place?
The constantly updating nature of cloud accounting means that businesses save time and money, making the change to cloud accounting worthwhile.

Improved Communication

No longer do you need to keep an eye on your business’s money and then pass information on to your accountant periodically. You can make these changes in a few clicks and track information/correspondence daily.

Better Understanding

Through consistent analysis and optimisation, your business can lean on cloud accountancy to get a clear idea of any changes you need to make. Real-time reports and statistics can be accessed at any time to make financial decisions.

Better pricing in the cloud

At TaxKings, our cloud-based approach not only keeps data secure. It also provides cheaper alternatives to traditional accounting. Get an idea of how much cloud accountancy would cost your business by talking to our advisors.

Benefits of using Cloud Accountancy


It is no longer good enough to simply keep your financial data insecurely stored on a single computer. All it takes is one mistake or hardware failure for your information to disappear. With cloud accounting, data is held in multiple locations and simultaneously updated. If one location has an issue, others still have your finances saved.

Cloud accounting keeps information encrypted and out of the hands of outside sources – even if outside sources did acquire this data, the encryption would make it impossible to make sense of.

Efficiency in Bookkeeping

Imagine you, your team, and your accountant have instant access to update financial information at any time. Whatever expenses or capital gains you might incur can be taken into account instantly. No more keeping a note of what is going on with your money and periodically passing it on to your accountant. Cloud accountancy helps you make changes instantly, creating a new degree of efficiency.

More Intuitive Accountancy

There is nothing more frustrating for a business’s finances than finding out that a mistake made some time ago has severely affected the figures at a later stage. This is easily avoided with cloud accountants who can see these changes happening in real-time and amend any mistakes quickly. Since data updates instantly across all devices when changes are made, errors are much more likely to be spotted and fixed.

Better Reporting

Cloud accountancy creates real-time reports and statistics, which can be accessed at any time to make financial decisions. The nature of cloud accounting software also makes it that much easier to manage transactions between multiple companies and exchange rates between different currencies.

Cloud Accountancy Software

The right software can make accounts more accessible and easier to understand. That’s why we’ve partnered with two of the world’s largest online accounting software providers to make bookkeeping, accounting and managing your business finances as effortless as possible.

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