VAT Returns

VAT; it’s a term we all know but not something most people are comfortable getting to understand properly. Depending on your business activities, VAT can be straightforward, or it can be a minefield. When you talk with TaxKings, VAT returns become easier than ever.

Accountants specialising in VAT Returns

If you, or your business, has a hard time getting to grips with VAT returns, it may be time for help. Our expert accountants can look at the records of sales and purchases made throughout a set period, prepare information accordingly, and ensure you are fully VAT compliant.

TaxKings clients are fully compliant with Making Tax Digital (MTD). It is our goal to make VAT a frictionless experience for any business.

We help individuals handle self-assessment to file tax properly & help avoid penalties.

We understand that not everyone has the time to learn about VAT in-depth, and we’re here to help with any queries. That is why Tax Kings can help with areas such as:

– VAT Planning
– VAT Returns
– VAT Reclamation
– VAT Liabilities
– Voluntary VAT Disclosures
– HMRC VAT Enquiries

Never miss a penny

When it comes to reclaiming VAT on purchases, people often lose receipts and end up missing out on better VAT returns. That’s why we utilise Receipt Bank software; our clients need only take a picture of their receipt, and the software “reads” and processes the VAT information.

De-tangling VAT

Maybe you’ve just started making supplies to the EU or overseas? Maybe you’re switching VAT schemes? Maybe you’ve started selling a new range of goods, and need to know what VAT rate to use? Allow us to untie the knot and ensure VAT returns are clearer.


HMRC have indicated that they will eventually require digital copies of receipts to be submitted via compliant software. To prepare our clients, we offer Receipt Bank with all of our subscription packages, not just VAT.

Making VAT easier to understand

“I have used Iain and his team for nearly ten years, and the level of support and advice only gets better each year. I would strongly recommend them particularly for any new business owners as they always find the time to talk through and explain issues that can seem complex.”

– John Scullion
JGS Plumbing

Dedicated Services for VAT Returns

VAT Registration

You never want to exceed the VAT threshold. It all depends on your business type and whether your company should be VAT registered.

VAT Planning

VAT always needs to be accurate, as fixing problems down the line can snowball. Let’s see how to best plan ahead to avoid VAT headaches.

Flat Rate Scheme

Small businesses often have the hardest time keeping track of records. We can see if the flat rate scheme is a viable option, especially when cash flow is an issue.

Switching VAT Schemes

When businesses diversify and offer new products, VAT may change too. Let’s see if your business needs to switch VAT schemes.

VAT Accountancy Freedom

TaxKings offers clients versatility with access to software like QuickBooks, our accounting software. This ensures our clients don’t miss out on any reclaimable VAT while significantly reducing time spent on data entry.

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Get better with VAT today

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