Accountancy for Creatives & Designers

TaxKings provides dedicated accountancy services for creatives and designers, with online tools like QuickBooks & Dext (formerly ReceiptBank) making it easier than ever to keep finances in check.

Tax Accountants For Creatives & Designers

Our accountancy team helps designers and independent creators handle their tax and accounts with absolute ease, using a digital approach to tax which will see you avoid any problems you've encountered with tax before.

Working as a designer or within a creative industry gives you many freedoms. One exception to this, though, comes from how taxes need handling. No one expects you to be as intuitive with bookkeeping as you are with your creative output, so let TaxKings look after the books for you.

When you’re creative, you want creative tax solutions…and we know how to make it happen.

We can’t say we’re the best when it comes to creative design. Still, we can 100% clue you into which services suit your situation best, especially regarding improving your tax profile.

That’s why we help creatives and designers with:

– Bookkeeping
– Self-assessment

– Accounts
– Tax benefits
– Incorporation

Accountancy In The Cloud

Creatives need freedom, and so does accountancy if you want to get it right. We provide cloud-based accountancy, so you and our team can keep on top of information when needed without interruption.

Easier Tax Solutions

You may not realise you’re just a few minutes away from improving your tax situation. We help creatives figure out if they’d be better placed as their own business and if incorporation can help you save tax.

Responsive Tax Management

Ever been hit with unexpected costs that create a big dent in your budget? Avoid such scenarios when you join TaxKings. We are responsive and can highlight the unexpected before you see it and help get your accounts in order.

Letting you remain creative for less

TaxKings offers a fair rate on accounting services compared to other accountancy firms. We’ve always been focussed on helping small businesses. There’s nothing better to us than helping freelance designers and creatives have the ability to get on with what they do best and not be worried by bookkeeping.

Dedicated Tax Services for Creatives & Designers


Every individual has unique needs when controlling bookkeeping. If you have been having trouble with your books, our dedicated packages are helpful.


Taxes can vary based on your status and the industry you operate in. Let us look at your situation and figure out how you can save in the long-term.


The one task every freelancer hates. Our team can take care of self-assessment, and any other information HMRC wants to know.


Make a simple mistake in your accounts, and it can result in hefty fines. TaxKings can take care of compliance, so you never get fined.

Accountancy Software for Creatives & Designers

When you’re great with creative work, why would anyone expect you to be an accountancy master? After all, that’s what TaxKings is for.

We make accounting easier by providing integration with software like QuickBooks & Dext (formerly ReceiptBank). All you need to do is provide information, and we’ll look after everything else.

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