Freelancer Accountants

Our freelancer accountants are here to help with tax structures and payments, utilising software like QuickBooks to make freelance accountancy simple, so you can spend less time on admin tasks and more time on your work.

Tax Accountant for Freelancers

Many of the TaxKings team have worked freelance at some point in our careers, so we know the trials and tribulations involved with freelancer accountancy. Accounting and bookkeeping can leave you feeling overwhelmed when trying to keep records and prepare for self-assessment.

If you consider all the time you will spend on bookkeeping as a use of resources, wouldn't it be better to have that time back and allow someone else to look after accounting for you? It isn't just companies that use accountants.

We are helping freelancers across the country get used to a proactive approach to accountancy.

The freedom of being a freelancer doesn’t mean you are left out in the open when handling accounts.

Getting to know what tax services you need as a freelancer will help your long-term relationship with bookkeeping.

We help freelancers get to know how to master:

– Bookkeeping
– Self-assessment

– Allowances
– Expenses

Moving Tax Online

Taxes should never feel like a burden, yet many freelancers still take an old approach to handling their finances. When you’re with TaxKings, we work with you online to gather information and help form your tax profile.

Making Tax Easier

Your status as a freelancer may be better placed if you were to be seen as a sole trader or limited company. TaxKings helps you figure out which placements and conditions will work best for you, and what you should be doing to save on tax.

Here When Needed

We’re available right now or whenever you need us. No question is too silly, and we’ll always guide you through common tax problems so they are clear to understand.

Better pricing for Freelancers

At TaxKings, we know that freelancers need to work within a tight budget. We price consistently and help you understand how costs for your business needs are worked out. We always charge a fair price, and you only pay for the services you need.

Dedicated Tax Services for Freelancers


Can’t make head or tails of what HMRC needs? We will help you avoid common tax problems and ensure you’re fully compliant with what they need.


What kind of VAT do freelancers pay? It can depend on the industry, how much you make, and so much more. Let us help you figure it out, especially if VAT needs to be adjusted from time to time.


You’re busy working. We’re busy looking after accounts. With the ability to snap and share invoices and receipts, bookkeeping is a doddle.

Take-Home Pay

What is going in your wallet after work is done? Freelancing should typically see you earning more comparatively. Let us figure out just what that figure could look like.

Freelancer Accountancy Software

We know that freelancers need to have breathing room with how they handle accountancy. That’s why we implore users to proactively engage with accountancy software like QuickBooks and Dext (formerly ReceiptBank).

Providing data instantly will help us get to work on figuring out where your tax sweet spot lies.

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