Hospitality Accountants

The hospitality industry is diverse, and so are the tax structures that come along with it. If you’re working in hospitality, and want to ensure your business is tax compliant, talk to the hospitality accountants here at TaxKings. We work with everyone from restaurants and bars to event companies and franchisees.

Tax Accountant for Hospitality Sector

The majority of businesses within UK hospitality are independent. For many business owners, running their bar, restaurant, café or event space is a lifelong dream. No one expects you to know the ins & outs of tax rules based solely on your business type. Luckily, TaxKings do.

We help clients working in hospitality get to know where tax matters most, what payments they should be saving on, and how to use online solutions such as QuickBooks to reduce the time spent on bookkeeping dramatically; a must when you already spend so much time looking after your business.

We know how diverse hospitality is and the challenges any business within it faces.

That’s why our accountants work hard to help you figure out where savings and improvements on accounts/tax could be made. We provide assistive services which look at:

– Tax
– Payroll
– HMRC Statements

– Rebates
– Management Accounts

Cloud-Based Accountancy

Say goodbye to messy back offices and pouring over records. TaxKings uses the cloud and online software to make bookkeeping easier than ever.

Goodbye Tax Hurdles

The tax rules for a restaurant will be completely different from that of a hotel restaurant. Navigating the rules can be troublesome and easy to trip on. We make sure that doesn’t happen, regardless of which area you operate in.

Understanding Your Needs

You may want to grow your business or even franchise across locations. You might be looking to move to new premises or add additional services. Whatever the future holds, we can help you plan with proactive tax guidance.

Accountancy with clear pricing

TaxKings know that many hospitality businesses operate with thin margins. We price our services fairly, no matter what type of business you run. If you want an idea of how much accountancy for your business will cost, contact us for a quick chat.

Dedicated Tax Services for Hospitality

Tax Planning

It helps to have an idea of how taxes currently affect a business and what the future holds. We offer a professional and experience-driven tax advice service for businesses throughout the UK.


VAT can be straightforward, or it can be a minefield; there is rarely a middle-ground. We take the pain away from VAT and arrange all the relevant information for you.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

All of our payroll services are done digitally via our cloud software. If you are the business director, we can recommend a tax-efficient salary and dividend strategy to ensure that you don’t pay a penny more than the legal minimum.

Annual accounts

You don’t want to keep HMRC waiting. We can take your information and prepare all the necessary documents on your behalf.

Restaurant Accountancy

Restaurants often encounter expenses which other businesses in hospitality do not. Labour, food and inventory can all fluctuate on a weekly basis. Having dedicated accountancy in place helps, and we provide online solutions.

AirBnB Accountancy

Quite a tricky thing to get right if you don’t know where to start, TaxKings can assist anyone running one or multiple AirBnBs. We can help you get to grips with what HMRC wants to know, and where you can minimise liabilities (especially if your AirBnB is seen as a second home)

Hospitality Accountancy Software

Imagine being able to snap a quick photo of invoices and bills without having to pour over the details? Because that’s what happens when you use dedicated software with TaxKings.

Our hospitality clients use QuickBooks & Dext (formerly RecieptBank) to keep us updated with bookkeeping, allowing our accountants to update everything in real-time.

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