Accountants for Influencers

As an influencer, you want to see the number of followers and likes go up. You don’t want to see the amount of tax you’re paying rise so sharply, though. TaxKings provides advice and assistance for influencers and online creators looking for tailored tax advice.

Tax Accountant for Online Influencers

It doesn't matter whether you're making waves on Instagram, have a YouTube channel everyone is smashing that Like button on, or have a growing Twitch community who support your content. It would be best if you had solid tax and accountancy advice.

TaxKings takes an online-first approach to accountancy. We help anyone understand how their taxes work. If you're an influencer and your reach has turned a hobby into a full-time career, talk to our team and get advice on how to handle your taxes.

We know that being an influencer involves a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

You should have the time to help grow your brand online, and being bogged down by accounts and working out tax isn’t going to make things easier.

Influencers who chat with TaxKings can get help with factors including:


– Incorporation
– Tax Credits
– Corporation Tax


– Payroll
– Statutory Accounts
– Employment Status

Using The Cloud

As an influencer, you need to be online. Tax is the same way. You might think of handling tax as something which involves a lot of paperwork, but by using the cloud, we’re digital too!

Simplifying Tax

No one is expected to know the small details of tax and finances on top of managing their brand online. TaxKings can help handle tax management and make information clear to understand.

Supporting You

No idea what a P11d form is? Haven’t created a self-assessment before? TaxKings accountants are here to help cover all the important aspects of tax and support you with your business goals.

A lot of help at a clear price

We provide assistance and services at a fair price. You’ll never find us surprising you with charges or applying certain rates because of your following. All we ever care about is helping you handle tax responsibly.

Dedicated Services for Influencers


Have several revenue streams? Working with customers and clients across different countries can put pressure on keeping all the information straight. We will show you how to provide us with the right information for comprehensive bookkeeping.


Are you looking to incorporate your business? We can save you tax. Many influencers are now looking to be established as businesses in their own right. TaxKings can assist with this goal.


When you’re an influencer, you’re always doing business. A tax like VAT is a cost of this. We make sure you’re on the most beneficial scheme for your business, so you don’t pay any more than you have to.


You should be able to look at your tax information with one click. TaxKings makes this possible with limited company packages synced with leading accountancy software.

Influencer Accountancy Software

When you have a lot on your plate, you don’t want to be pressured to hit deadlines with tax and accounting.

TaxKings helps influencers get in front of finance by using QuickBooks & Dext (formerly ReceiptBank). You provide us with the information we need & we do all the important tax work for you. We’ll even send reminders of when important tax dates are coming up.

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