IR35 Accountancy Advice

TaxKings can help you with IR35 tax planning and support those that need advice and guidance to know their designation and what taxes to pay.

Tax Accoutants for IR35

Since its introduction, we have been helping contractors all over the country understand IR35 on a case by case basis.

With IR35 having such importance on how much you can get paid and what that means for tax & contributions, TaxKings can help you avoid mistakes and get the right information from both the contractor or recruiter side.

If you need your IR35 status reviewed, our advisors are here to help.

Knowing if you're inside or outside IR35

The most common question we get asked about IR35 is, "How do I know if I should be classified as inside or outside?" The rule of thumb is as follows:


Client tells contractor when services are expected
Contractor can be viewed in the same light as company employees
If client offers additional work, contractor is obliged to accept
Client provides equipment which contractor will use


Contractor determines when services are expected
Contractor can't be viewed in the same light as company employees
If client offers additional work, contractor isn't obliged to accept
Contractor provides their equipment

We understand better than anyone else how complicated, and nuanced IR35 can be.

Some people equate the IR35 designation as making a mountain of a molehill. Still, TaxKings can help you on a contract by contract basis without needing to climb that mountain on your own.

We are helping clients navigate IR35 to assist with:

– IR35 risk exposure
– Being inside/outside
– Rules for limited companies

– Freelance status
– Self-employed status

Making IR35 Clearer

If someone tells you they are an “IR35 accountant”, they are misleading you, as the role doesn’t exist. At TaxKings, we are accountants who can provide expert advice on IR35 issues, which we hope helps you have a clear understanding of the rules around IR35.

Improving Bookkeeping

For anyone in a position where IR35 may flip-flop from job to job, keeping on top of bookkeeping will cause headaches, so don’t let it. TaxKings helps individuals keep on top of records and bookkeeping, so IR35 is always correctly determined.

Giving You Direction

IR35 will affect how you work/operate. Knowing if you are in or out can feel like walking with a tightrope with HMRC trying to trip you up. Our accountants look over the factors and help provide direction on how to classify.

Helping Small Businesses Understand IR35

For anyone following the news, it can feel like IR35 is evolving to a stage where no one is clear on what it means anymore. If you work as a sole trader or small business, you should know when and how you are exempt from IR35. Talk to TaxKings to see if you’re affected at all, especially if you are self-employed.

IR35 Accountancy Software

Take the stress out of handling IR35 information with the use of dedicated accountancy software. We utilise leading software like QuickBooks to help our clients format accounts and tax information in line with what the government needs to know about IR35 designation.

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Are you getting confused by IR35?

Talk to TaxKings today and see how we can assist in making IR35 easy. With our help, you’ll be better positioned to manage your status and get advice on what steps to take.

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