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Small Businesses

At Taxkings, we focus on small businesses.

We feel that we can offer a special service to small businesses. With some of our employees having run their own small businesses or companies, we’ve been there. Be it bookkeeping, accounting or tax, we know how daunting the process can be for new businesses, or even those who are established and growing. Why not check out our small-business articles from Listen To Taxman?

We can help you to automate the bookkeeping, fix errors, and provide you with useful reports/projections & tax estimates to make sure you can sleep easy at night, with no nasty surprises from the taxman.

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Based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, we support businesses of all sizes from London to Northern Ireland. We also work with UK-based companies as far afield as Australia. As Quickbooks Platinum Partners, our accounting systems are cloud-based. We are able to work remotely, handling client consultations via video call & screen sharing. Your nearest accountant is unlikely to be the best accountant for your company.

Could You Benefit from a FREE Consultation?

  • Is your bookkeeping system slowing you down? We can save you time.
  • Looking to incorporate your business? We can save you tax.
  • Are you nearing the VAT registration threshold? We can save you trouble.

Tax Kings can help.

If you have a general query about tax for your business or require accounting services, contact us on 01413331852 (Glasgow), 01316051852 (Edinburgh) or email