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Accounting for Contractors

At TaxKings, we deal with many contractors & one-man companies; big or small. Often
working as a contractor can mean travelling and working long or irregular hours;
sometimes fitting in time to do your books can be difficult.
We can provide you with the digital tools you need to make your bookkeeping
straightforward. For each of our clients, we take an overview of their business
transactions to see how we can help them to automate the process using
If you are visiting different workplaces each week, keeping on top of your travel
receipts can become a bit of a pain. With our Receipt Bank software, we make it
as easy as possible to keep your receipts digitally. Just snap a picture with your
smartphone via the app; the software will then “read” the receipt and store it for
All you have to do is check that the software has read the receipt correctly, and
then you can feed the data straight into our Quickbooks accounting software,
saving you hours of data entry.
We feel that our service is highly suited to contractors from all fields – we can
save you time and we can save you tax. We offer annual tax planning reviews,
ensuring that our clients are withdrawing money from their company in the most
tax efficient way possible, and not paying a penny more to the taxman than the
legal minimum.
Do you feel that you could be paying too much tax? Could you be saving hours on bookkeeping? Why not book a free consultation to see if we can help?