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Xero Accountants

Xero Accountants

Xero accountants are specialists trained to use Xero accountancy and bookkeeping software. This revolutionary software enables the swift and efficient management of finances for small to medium-sized businesses. Xero experts at Tax Kings will help you navigate the next step forward in cloud-based accountancy software.

Key features of Xero

  • Track inventory & manage stock
  • Take online payments
  • Manage expenses
  • Financial reporting
  • Integrate PayPal or Stripe
  • Track in multiple currencies
  • Store transactions & files
  • Pay bills
  • Keep track of cash flow

Cloud-Based Accounting with Xero

With the scheme Making Tax Digital, the government aims to modernise the tax system from 2018 onwards as the first changes roll out. All appropriate businesses will have to manage their tax digitally by 2020. The current plan is to have all applicable businesses enrolled into a digital tax scheme, making paper tax forms obsolete.

As the emerging global leader in online accounting software, Xero is the ideal solution for those businesses looking to move their accountancy and bookkeeping to a cloud-based service. Tax Kings’ Xero accountants are able to help customers run their business and finances from anywhere. Storing your company’s financial information online can seem a little daunting but rest assured that all data and information stored through Xero is securely protected.

Xero Data & Information Protection

All business information in Xero is stored and encrypted for security purposes. On top of this, there is a two-step authentication process in place through the use of a smartphone app that generates a unique code each time a user logs on. This type of authentication process reduces the risk of someone hacking an account. If there are any Xero scams going on, a dedicated security noticeboard will keep you informed.

As with many other tools and programmes, the administrator of the account has full authorisation over what type of access each user has. No one will have access to your company’s data and financial information unless invited to the account.

The Benefits of Xero Accountants

There are many benefits associated with cloud accounting. Rather than having all information stored on a single hard drive, the information is accessible from a secure account meaning you, your partners and accountant can instantly access any relevant information from any location. There is no need to drive to the office on your day off because there is an urgent invoice that needs dealing with or you need to track your inventory. Xero allows you access to all this information and more.

A major benefit of Xero accountancy and bookkeeping is the direct access to real-time information. It is possible to track inventory and manage stock, run payroll or track transactions in multiple currencies. A business will be able to take decisive actions and steps based on real-time financial data. It is not hard to understand why so many companies have already moved to Xero.

Xero Accountants in Glasgow & Edinburgh

For Xero accountants in Scotland, look no further than Tax Kings. Reach out for advice on how to keep your business and its finances secure and organised. Financial data management has never been easier than with Xero accountants.

Get in touch with Tax Kings’ qualified accountants by sending an email at or call us on 01413331852 (Glasgow) or 01316051852 (Edinburgh)